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WBO Scholarship Thank You

“At the beginning of last fall I had the pleasure of taking a Wilderness Based…

Nordic Team Thank You

“As the team prepares for the rest of our race season, we are optimistic about…

Outdoor Adventure Camp is a Summer Treat for Youngsters

Outdoor Adventure Camp is a six-day summer camp for kids who either enjoy the outdoors…

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Since we launched the Chris Mikesell Foundation in 2008, we have awarded nearly 160 thousand dollars in grants that honor Chris’s adventurous spirit, passion for travel, and love of people.

The Foundation has provided opportunities for young people to experience nature, assistance to organizations dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment’s natural beauty, scholarships at Western State Colorado University, and assistance to people in desperate need around the world.

We are excited about the impact these grants have had. And we encourage you to join us as we … climb the mountain.

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Foundation At Work

Experiencing Nature

Giving young people opportunities to experience nature.

Protecting the Environment

Preserving and protecting the environment's natural beauty.

Supporting WSCU

Providing scholarships and support to Western State Colorado University.

Worldwide Outreach

Assisting people in desperate need around the world.

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