A story that embodies the Crested Butte Community

An excerpt from a thank you letter from Noel Durant, Executive Director of the Crested Butte Land Trust.

Jen, a local resident, before this summer, had never ridden a mountain bike. Inspired by her teenage son, Holden, who rides with the Crested Butte Devo program twice a week, she set a goal to ride the Lupine Trails by the end of the season. This summer, Jen rode her bike every morning – up the sidewalks of Mt. Crested Butte, down the Rec Path, over the Wood’s Walk and Lower Loop trails from town to Gunsight Bridge and back.

-Courtesy Photo

Lupine Trails -Courtesy Photo

By August, Jen had spent countless glorious hours riding her bike and enjoying all the natural grandeur of her beloved mountain home. She was feeling strong and confident, and ready to tackle her goal of Lupine. Jen, Holden, and a friend rode from their house on Mt. Crested Butte, up over Lupine, and into town to celebrate. It was a magical day of overcoming fears, achieving goals, and best of all, spending time on the trail together with family and great friends – a memory and inspiration that will last a lifetime. Feeling a sense offered, Jen marveled in her accomplishment exclaiming, “My favorite part was the exposures. Not because I truly loved them, because I didn’t. They really scared me. But I did love that I was doing something that a year ago I couldn’t even imagine doing, that made me proud.”

Family time, challenging ourselves and beautiful (however scary) scenic views are the essence of our community. Jen’s family will continue to ride and enjoy the Lupine Trails because of you.

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