Helping kids experience the outdoors of Vermont

During his life, Chris developed a love and passion for nature and preserving the beauty of the outdoors. He often sought adventure and that’s why it is so important to the Mikesell family and the Foundation that other kids get the same opportunities.

Laura, Chris’ sister, is married to Joshua Egedy. HeĀ spent many summers as a staffman at Keewaydin camp for kids and teens. For more than 100 years, kids have mastered new skills, faced demanding obstacles, become more independent and grown up a bit more through their time at Keewaydin.

In 2017, the Foundation gave a grant of $1,000 to help provide camper scholarships, protect lakes and wilderness, repair and maintain wood-canvas canoes, and fund critical facility needs that are beyond the operations budget.

“As a camper, Keewaydin made me feel like the most important kid in the world. It taught me how capable I could be, how tough I could be, and taught me the value of honor and helping the other fellow,” Mig Oppenheimer said.

“As a staffman, it has taught me how to be a kid again while passing on those same lessons. I give to Keewaydin to ensure it can keep on teaching those important lessons to future campers and staff,” he continued.

Read a thank you note from the Keewaydin Foundation and another from former camperĀ Tommy Hyde.

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