Keewaydin Thank You – Tommy Hyde

Hi Kendall,

Tommy Hyde here. I wanted to reach out and to thank you, Sherry, Laura, Josh and Julie for your generous gift to Keewaydin in memory of Chris.

As a camper and counselor for nearly ten years, Keewaydin instilled in me a passion for the outdoors that continues to this day. I have canoed across Canada, surfed through South America and begun my career as a documentary filmmaker covering stories around the world. This adventurous spirit stems directly from my experience at Keewaydin, and I am confident that your gift will help inspire the next generation of campers with the magic and beauty of our natural world.

Although I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Chris, I can’t help but imagine that we would have been fast friends. I’m grateful that you are carrying his spirit of adventure and generosity forward in such a positive way.

All my best,


Read more about the Foundation’s gift to the Keewaydin Foundation. 

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