Rebuilding a school after devastating earthquakes strike Nepal

In 2015, Nepal was devastated by earthquakes, and many of their schools were destroyed. The dZi Foundation works in partnership with some of the most remote communities in Nepal to create lasting improvements in their quality of life. The devastating earthquakes in April and May 2015 destroyed the Janajagriti School, along with 42 others in their working area. In the month following the earthquakes, the dZi Foundation constructed Temporary Learning Centers made of roofing tin and bamboo. They also began raising funds to build new safer schools in the area that would withstand strong earthquakes. 


Students in Rok, Solukhumbu, will soon have a new school thanks in part to a Chris Mikesell Foundation grant. Photo courtesy of the dZi Foundation.

The Chris Mikesell Foundation awarded a $1,500 grant in 2017, matched by Mexicali Blues, to help rebuild the school in Rok, Solukhumbu, a remote and economically underprivileged community in Eastern Nepal.

Construction has begun, and soon 46 students will benefit from classrooms that will reduce vulnerability to injury from further earthquakes and significantly improve the learning environment. While the classrooms will be bright and spacious, the building is being constructed to a rigorous engineering standard that is designed specifically to withstand large seismic shocks.

Upon completion of the project, the dZi Foundation plans to plant a tree in Chris’ honor and post a plaque to acknowledge the grant.

Read a thank you note from the dZi Foundation. 

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