About The Foundation

Chris and his family, parents Sherry and Kendall, sisters Laura and Julie

The Chris Mikesell Foundation was launched November 18, 2008, by Kendall and Sherry Mikesell and their daughters, Laura and Julie, in honor of their son and brother.

Born February 17, 1983, in Wichita, KS, Christopher Keith Mikesell grew up in Clearwater, KS, where his parents still reside. He developed a sense of wonder that led him around the world, forming lasting friendships wherever he went. He lived in Crested Butte, CO, from 2002 until he was tragically killed on January 21, 2007, at the age of 23, the result of a Snocat accident on the mountain he loved.

In keeping with the kind of person Chris was, the vision of the Chris Mikesell Foundation is to help people enjoy the journey in life, to climb the mountain and see the view. To honor his adventurous spirit, passion for travel, and love of people, the Foundation will provide opportunities for young people to experience nature and instill a dedication to preserving and protecting the environment’s natural beauty. Additionally, the Foundation will focus on assisting people with desperate needs all around the world.

Initial funding of the Foundation was provided by the Kendall Mikesell family. In addition, a significant contribution was made by the Tim Mueller family, owners of Crested Butte Mountain Resort. “We are pleased that the Mueller family has chosen to participate in our efforts to honor Chris. This gracious gesture on their part helps in the ongoing healing process for his family and friends, and the communities he called home,” said Kendall.

The Chris Mikesell Foundation is a standard 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation, approved by the Internal Revenue Service. Kendall, Sherry, Laura and Julie are the officers and directors of the Foundation. Bill McVey is the chief financial officer. 

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